Fresh Flowers in Your New Havertown Home? Here Are Five Ways to Make Them Last

Looking for a simple way to imbue your new Havertown home with a bit of color? Add some fresh flowers! Available at florists or at one of Pennsylvania's many farmers markets, fresh flowers can help brighten most any space.

Of course, cut flowers are a fleeting beauty. But there are some simple ways to make them last a little bit longer. Here are five suggestions to help extend the life of your next bouquet:

  • Pick hearty flowers. Choices like hydrangeas, lilies, and roses are a bit heartier than more delicate flowers. Avoid any bouquets with browned petals, and ask a florist for suggestions.
  • Cut the stems at an angle. Snipping stems at 45 degrees creates a larger surface for water absorption.
  • Add Aspirin. It's not just folk wisdom: adding Aspirin really can work. One crushed tablet added to a vase helps stave off bacteria from freshly cut flowers.
  • Cut errant stems. Flowers and leaves below a vase's water line will decay more quickly, promoting bacteria growth.
  • Change the water. Refreshing a vase's water each day helps discourage bacteria growth.

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